Database application design and development

We can help you design and develop your data applications starting with business requirements, determining appropriate platform and sizing and finishing with delivering a working product.

Database application tuning

We can help find and resolve performance and other issues with existing database applications.

Database consulting

We can help analyze your present and future database needs and advice and solutions which will keep things working based on projected drought.

Database conversion and migration

If you have an existing application that has outgrown the capabilities of its platform and design we can help you migrate it to a different database and upgrade its capabilities. And if you just need to move data from one database to some other database we can show you how to do that to. Too much data? Not a problem. We will have the right tool for you.

Web application design and development

Web database application design and development from business requirements to complete product. Use of development platform and database back-end would depend on your needs and requirements. We can use your own art or we can help with that too.

Support, maintenance and enhancements

Monitoring, enhancing or redesigning parts or all of your existing database/web applications

Smartphone database applications design

We can help you design and develop native iOS/Android applications which interact with existing or new database backend and provide required functionality

Smartphone promotional applications

We can help you design and develop iOS/Android applications that will promote your product or services in the form of a social game that people can entertain themselves with and share between each other.


Oracle. MS SQL Server, MySQL, Java, JavaScript, Perl, JSP, PHP, JDBC, APS.NET, AJAX, iOS, Android, Appcelerator Studio, Gideros, Corona, Cocos2D.